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Zembaly makes it easy. Whether you’re a national association or a grassroots underdog, our platform provides a one-way communications tool to connect your audience and message to government.

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  • Feature campaign 2x

    Branded campaign pages

    Launch campaign landing pages in minutes, complete with your logo, colours, and relevant imagery. Populate all content from an intuitive user interface, including a letter users can send to their government representative with the click of a button.

  • Feature customization 2x

    Powerful customization

    Tailor campaigns to applicable provinces and representative types, including Senators, MPs, MPPs, and others. Set an expiration date, test your campaigns before launch, and easily translate content between both official languages.

  • Feature promotion 2x

    Instant promotion

    No more copying and pasting a URL. Easily configure social posts to make a compelling, consistent case for supporting your campaign – then share or email with the click of a button.

  • Feature reporting 2x

    Real-time reporting

    Get live, actionable insight on campaign performance – from page visits to email open rates and more.

  • Feature data 2x

    Accurate data

    Take comfort in data that’s pulled from the latest federal and provincial sources, ensuring all letters deploy to current and relevant representatives. Also, all communications are safe, secure, and confidential.

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